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Mechquest Fans
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January 2009
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I am a level 21 Star Captain, and.... I guess I just want to say hello for now =)

Edit: Whoa....I never realized that the last entry was nearly a year ago... XD

Current Mood: calmcalm

Welcome to MQ Fans! I'm your friendly neighborhood dictator moderator, MMOmega, or MMO if you prefer. This community, as stated in the userinfo, is dedicated to MechQuest, one of Artix Entertainment's games. It's a game about giant robots, and so this is a community dedicated to a game about giant robots, I guess. :)

Anyways, I'll go over the rules again, just to make sure we all know them.

The Rules:

1. As stated in the userinfo, this community relates to the Artix Entertainment game MechQuest and its sister games, AdventureQuest and Dragonfable. Off topic discussion is not allowed.

2. No flaming or fighting. Drama is unnecessary in a community of this nature and will not be tolerated.

3. This is a G-RATED community and the posts must reflect that.

4. No advertising other communities unless they related to Artix Entertainment games.

5. Game spoilers must be under a cut.

6. All community related posts, contest posts and walkthrough posts MUST be friends locked and listed in the memories.

Now that the non-fun stuff is out of the way, I should let you know what I'll be doing to make this community great.

1. Caption contests. Every week, a new MQ related image for you to caption! Winner gets a mention in a mod post and something else cool, like maybe Star captain for a character. :)

2. Scavenger hunt type games set in the game. Like--I'll give you something to grab in game. The person who firsts posts a screenshot of their character getting it gets a prize.

3. Round robins featuring all the MQ characters (g-rated of course).

4. Walkthrough posts for difficult parts in MQ if you're stuck.

5. Mod posts, which are always fun. I'm teasing, really. Well, mostly.

I know you guys will be really good, so I'm not too worried about number 5. Have fun and post a lot!

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